Medieval Culture and War:
Ideals, Representations, Realities

Annual Leeds Medieval War Conference

5–7 May 2016, University of Leeds

Keynote Speakers
Dr Matthew Bennett (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
Dr Karen Watts (Royal Armouries)

War was a constant in the Middle Ages and affected every aspect of life. In recent years studies have moved away from looking at war on its own, but rather in relation to its greater medieval context. These novel approaches have shed light on new and interesting aspects of war. This conference aims to pursue this further by exploring the interaction between culture and war in the Middle Ages, as manifested in ideals, representations, and realities. The intersections of these three fields of research allow for advances in our understanding of the period. We welcome, but are not limited to, papers on such subjects as:

  • Theoretical aspects and ideology
  • Didactic literature
  • Conceptualisation of war
  • Representation in art and literature
  • Gender and war
  • Chivalry, martial display, and symbolism
  • Non-combatants
  • Injury and death
  • The place of war in society
  • Weapons and armour

The conference will be held over two days at the University of Leeds, along with a unique hands-on session at the Leeds Royal Armouries on the third day. Interdisciplinary approaches from any theoretical background (e.g. archaeological, art historical, historical, literary, or sociological perspectives) are invited. Attendance will be free and a publication of selected proceedings is planned.

Please send abstracts of 250–300 words for 20 minute papers, or proposals for sessions of three papers or debates, along with a short biography, to by 29 February 2016. Contributions from postgraduates and early career researchers are encouraged.

Organisation Committee: Sophie Harwood, Trevor Russell Smith, and Iason-Eleftherios Tzouriadis

The CFP is available as a pdf here:


Check back soon for more information!



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